Manic Mommy (beachbanshee) wrote in healing_circle,
Manic Mommy

. I was the victim of domestic abuse from 1987-1990. I went into therapy after I finally ended the relationship.  I am married now to a great guy and have three children.  I have never quite gotten over the abuse.  The fact that I loved this man to the ends of the earth and he could be so mentally and physically cruel to me in fact broke me.  I have never been the same since that time. I went thru a period of cutting during the abuse.  I had overcome cutting when I was 14 and the anguish of the situation made me so numb that it all came out again.  
 I used to be quite happy before knowing him and in the early years of our relationship.  It is sad that I was never able to regain that part of me.  I have never been able to open myself up to anyone as much as I should including my husband of 11 years.  I was recently diagnosed as bi-polar.  No big shock to me I think I have been avoiding the diagnosis for years.    Just wanted to open up a bit.
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