jessica (sea__secret) wrote in healing_circle,

October is domestic violence awareness month

Well, guidingangels reminded me that October is domestic violence awareness month.

For me, this is especially meaningful this year, since I myself have recently left a violent relationship. Leaving is not easy.

Anyway, guidingangels runs Guiding Angels Ministries (not a necessarily religious organization; I was thrown off at first by the name, but her services are for everybody). Visit the myspace page for her organization and make a donation. They run a domestic violence shelter in New York.

Actually, this is a good time to broach a topic of discussion...

Does activism play a role in healing for you?

I know that for me, I've tried sometimes to get TOO involved in activism, especially activism against rape and sexual violence. Sometimes it hits too close to home.

But sometimes just donating to a worthwhile organization makes me feel better.

Trying to reach out to others who've survived similar things is really helpful to me.

But there's a fine line between reaching out and being positive. ... and doing too much, to where we end up overextending ourselves.
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