jessica (sea__secret) wrote in healing_circle,

my inspiration

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Tori Amos is one of my biggest inspirations.

What she has survived and what she's made of her life and what she's done for women survivors of sexual violence is just incredible.

I could go on and on about Tori... I'm so crazy about her and her music & so excited to see her live at the end of this month! yay.

lyrics from one of her very early songs that has always moved me ...

"excuse me but can i be you for a while
my dog won't bite if you sit real still
i've got the antichrist in the kitchen yelling at me again
yeah i can hear him
saved again by the garbage truck
i got something to say you know but nothing comes
yes i know what you think of me
you never shut up
yeah i can hear that

but what if i'm a mermaid
in these jeans of his with her name still on it
hey but i don't care cause sometimes
i said sometimes i hear my voice
and it's been here
silent all these years"
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