jessica (sea__secret) wrote in healing_circle,


I wanted to just post a little on the purpose of this community. I really want to keep this place going.

I find that I often can't handle a lot of online support communities because I find so much content triggering. When I am in a healthy, stable place, I do like to be there to help others.

But I also find some communities (on bipolar disorder, and abuse and sexual trauma) cause me personally to wallow.

I also was recently a member of a bipolar community at another site & there was so much negativity and toxicity there! arguments would crop up... it just got ridiculous at times.

That's why I wanted to create a positive and uplifting and encouraging community here.

I hope we all start posting more soon. I'll reiterate my question from last week--what inspires you in your healing journey?

(I noticed a lot of you are posting friends-only here... that's perfectly fine. post friends-only if you're only comfortable with the community seeing it. But feel free to post publicly, too. There's no rules or restrictions on that.)

xoxox Sending you ALL hugs and kind wishes and bright blessings.

ALSO--if you're feeling down and want others to give you uplifting inspiring messages, this is the place to post that, too. Just ask for what you need. xoxox
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