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Being a Healer and Healing from Rape - Moving Energy

Short questionnaire I copied from a survivors support group:

Name/What You Want to be Called: Asttarte
Age: 34

Diagnosis: raped May 20, 2005 - no diagnosis other than low energy sometimes - may have had BPD years ago, but have healed so much over the past 13 yrs my therapist wouldn't diagnose me as that. (I re-entered therapy about 2 months ago). I just need to heal the residue of an abusive childhood and heal the rape.

Current Method of Therapy: EMDR, Psychotherapy, TAT (Tappas Acupressure Technique), Energy Diagnostics and Treatment Methods, (EDxTM),  Thought Field Therapy (TFT),  and Thought Energy Synchronization Therapy. My therapist is also Board Certified in Traumatic Stress (BCETS). I also use Breathwork, Reiki, walking in nature, taking baths, praying to my angels, reading books on ascension and advanced Spirituality, Tantra Yoga, and more!

Current Issues You're Dealing With: feeling overwhelmed, sadness wants to be released, unsafety feelings from the rape, feeling alone b/c no one is supportive except therapist - family does not feel the rape is a big deal, nor do they know how to get in touch with their own feelings. my whole family has been abused and I'm the only one working on it. upset with mom - she could never feel and was abused by her all growing up. I just called the police to report the rape last week. I need to follow up on it. I need to call the counseling for this. I need to move my heavy energy; which I know I can. I plan to do it today.  I am also trained in energy healing modalities and am a healer and counselor myself, so I can use the methods i know to help myself, but it makes it hard for me to work when I'm going through a down/low cycle of needing to release. makes it hard to make money. but it's my work/my career so I have to keep working on myself to get clear. I've been healing myself and have had a therapy/healing practice for 7 years so i know it's possible, it's just a risky lifestyle. My clients know that i am healing and are supportive to come to me when I'm available. i.e. massage, breathwork, kundalini and tantra yoga techniques. the things I really should be practicing more on myself. Although I get motivated to do it for myself after I do the practices to help other people, so it feels like a win-win situation. I know my block in helping myself and my spiritual practice is because of the rape 3 yrs ago., and the residue of healing my childhood abuse. Everytime I get a powerful healing session I need to take down time from giving to others - which is what is going on right now. (at least work less than I was until I'm ready to work more).

Is therapy helping you? Why or Why not? yes. slowly. we're working on my core issues of my family and things that happened when I was a child. I hope to also get Metaphysical Mentoring sessions, and some sessions of the Work after I make some more money too! These are really powerful, but I know one on one time with a regular trained therapist is also important for me to commit to.
Anything else you want to share: I wish I could be stronger and release this faster. I need a stronger support system and community and might re-join my old tantra community for the extra support. They are really on the path of releasing issues and getting clear. I need to open myself to them again.

What would like to see/gain from this community; why did you join? Some friends might be something I could get out of it,  I joined to help heal my rape and childhood issues - and support to have balance in my current relationship with the father of my baby. - to help me heal so I am healthy for my child - in the long term. (this was from another community) - this community would be for connecting to other healers, possibly receive support and to make new friends.

I'm thinking of re-connecting with several Tantra Yoga Communities to help heal, feel supported and come back in my power!
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