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healing_circle's Journal

The Healing Circle
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A place where people healing from illness or trauma may join hands & share inspirations.
This is a community where people (women and men) come together and share their healing in positive ways. This is NOT a place to simply re-count the stories of our tragedies or illnesses or losses, although such entries are definitely welcome.

As the interests list will show, I am trying to create a broad group of people healing from various illnesses, traumas, and tragedies, because often the advice of someone who's healed from something we haven't experienced can still be deeply transformative to others. If you join the community and have an issue or illness not listed in the interests, please let us know and we'll add your issue to the interests list.

The focus of this community is healing, the power of healing experiences, self-healing techniques, and the simple beauty of the human capacity to heal. What positive things have you done to heal yourself? What inspires you each day in your journey of healing? Where have you found healing?

Members, please post. Post lots. Post when you're having a hard day and want some positive inspiration, and post when you're having a good day and want to inspire others. This is a place to make friends and join hands and heal together.

PLEASE: if you're going to post a story or entry that may trigger others (e.g. writing about food binging might trigger a member who's recovering from bulimia; posting a story of an incident of rape or abuse could trigger members with PTSD; posting about drinking and drugs might trigger people with addiction issues, etc), PLEASE post the entry behind a cut and indicate that it may be triggering, and to which group of people it may be triggering.

Advertising other communities is okay but ONLY if they are relevant to the topics of this community.